November, 2020


Jena Alliance Life in Focus: Career Evening „Taking the Next Career Step“

The Career Evening explores the transition from doctorate to the business world (focus on industry) and provides important insights into application strategies and procedures, hiring criteria and specifics. The event is free of charge and aimed at doctoral candidates of the participating graduate sc…

Online Workshops

Career Day „PhD – What's next?“

During the Career Day you will gain insights into career possibilities in academia and get the opportunity to explore strategies for applications outside academia (industry and society). The event will be held in English and German. The event is free of charge and aims at doctoral candidates and…


Jena Alliance Life in Focus course: Writing cover letters for job applications

Dr. Hendrik Huthoff

The blank page is an intimidating adversary, especially when filling it with the right content may stand between you and getting that exciting next job that is going to propel your career upwards. To help you overcome this struggle, we are launching a workshop on writing cover letters for job applic…

Online Lecture

JSMC Basic Meeting

Dr. Hendrik Huthoff

Please feel cordially invited to the JSMC Basic meeting on 6th November 2020 from 4 – 5 pm. We will introduce the basic ideas of the JSMC and give some information about a number of organizational matters (including the credit points system, JSMC grants etc.). We will of course answer all other qu…

Online Colloquium

Microbial Communication Colloquium: The assembly of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm matrix

Prof. Matthew R. Parsek

The “Microbial Communication Colloquium” is organized by the JSMC Doctoral Researchers together with the members of the JSMC Faculty. The aim of this colloquium series is to present state-of-the-art research on “Microbial Communication” in all its multi-disciplinary facets. Prof. Matthew R. …


Jena Alliance Life in Focus lecture: Funded! An introduction to storytelling for researchers

Dr. Guiseppe Marzio

Funded! An introduction to storytelling for researchers Many scientific innovations fail not because the science isn't right but because they don't get attention and funding. Why is it so hard to pitch science? And what does it take to create an irresistible fundraising story? About Guiseppe Marzio …

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