February, 2021


Jena Alliance Life in Focus course: Career Planning - Intensive course

Dr. Iris Köhler

Target group: Doctoral researchers in at least their 2nd year and postdocs (preferably from the natural and life sciences) Content: The majority of PhD holders does not stay in academia, but pursues careers in a variety of fields. Many young scientist struggle with finding out which career path they…


PhD Day 2021

Once a year, the Graduate Academy offers a PhD Day with an information fair and various talks. At the information fair, doctoral candidates and prospective candidates can gain information about PhD-relevant topics at Jena University. In the talks, you can get answers to questions like: How can I fin…

Online Colloquium

Microbial Communication Colloquium Stars: From commensalism to pathogenicity: Interactions of Candida albicans with the host

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hube

The “Microbial Communication Colloquium” is organized by the JSMC Doctoral Researchers together with the members of the JSMC Faculty. The aim of this colloquium series is to present state-of-the-art research on “Microbial Communication” in all its multi-disciplinary facets. For our MiCoCo St…


IMPRS course: Introduction to basic statistics and R

Dr. Grit Kunert, MPI-CE

The course will mainly cover the basics in statistics and important methods for comparing groups: 1. descriptive statistics (characteristic values: averages, variability) 2. comparison of 1 or 2 means 3. comparison of more than 2 means – ANOVA 4. regression 5. ANCOVA . The course will be a combina…


ILRS course: Multi-locus amplicon sequencing - from project design to data analysis

Dr. Matthew Agler, FSU Jena

The course will take place online in two half-day installments on Feb 25 and Feb 26, 2021. This course will serve as a detailed introduction for beginners into using multi-locus amplicon sequencing to characterize diverse microbial communities. We will look at theory and technology behind the techni…

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