May, 2021


Microverse course: Research Data Management

Luiz Gadelha (Microverse RDM, FSU Jena), Annett Schröter (NFDI4Chem, FSU Jena), Roman Gerlach (RDM Helpdesk, FSU Jena), Volker Schwarze (RDM Helpdesk, FSU Jena)

Due to the increasing digitization and datafication in all fields of research, the proper management of research data becomes increasingly important. You spent months on collecting samples and measurements in the field or in the lab? You explored, analysed and interpreted this data and finally publi…

Online Colloquium

Microbial Communication Colloquium: Identifying Vulnerabilities in Fungal Pathogens Through Functional and Chemical Genomic Analyses

Prof. Dr. Leah E. Cowen

The “Microbial Communication Colloquium” is organized by the JSMC Doctoral Researchers together with the members of the JSMC Faculty. The aim of this colloquium series is to present state-of-the-art research on “Microbial Communication” in all its multi-disciplinary facets. Prof. Dr. Leah E.…

Online Lecture

Social Event: German Conversation Night

Since many of our JSMC members liked the idea of talking German to each other once in a while, we now decided to have a 'German Conversation Night' every second Wednesday of a month at 6 pm where we will talk German for an hour or two. Every level from A2 to C1 as well as native speakers are invited…

Online lecture

EVBC lecture series: Genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 at the Robert Koch Institute: an overview and bioinformatics edge cases

Dr. Martin Hölzer

To keep you up to date with the latest developments in virus bioinformatics, especially new tools that might help you in your research, the European Virus Bioinformatics Center is organising a monthly lecture series entitled viruses in silico. Upcoming lecture: Genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 …

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