Early Career Research Exchange

JSMC building, Neugasse 23, lecture hall

This series is especially intended for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, although all JSMC and Microverse members are invited to attend.

Talks by:

Jannick van Cauwenberghe - Predicting bacterial population structuring using bacteriophage traits
Axel Dietschmann - Fungal morphology defines the interaction with human immune cells
Shalu Dwivedi - How hosts and pathogens choose the strengths of defense and counter-defense. A game-theoretical view
Tom Haufschild - Bacterial Cell Division in the phylum Planctomycetota: the same, only different?

Anna Czapka - Consequences of bacterial-fungal interactions for intestinal colonization and the immune system in germ-free mice
Zubaish Saghir - 'In situ electrophysiological profiling of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 in a novel single-chamber microfluidic BES
Jasmin Frankenberg - nf-core/funcscan – A scalable workflow to identify antibiotic resistance, antimicrobial peptide genes, and functional gene clusters in bacterial genomes


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