Early Career Research Exchange

JSMC building, Neugasse 23, lecture hall

This series is especially intended for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, although all JSMC and Microverse members are invited to attend.

Talks by:

Marta Bogacz - Trypanosoma brucei dual-function peroxiredoxin enables adaptation to a parasitic life style
Sonja Türpitz - Mathematical Modelling of Interspecific Interactions
Jakob Lee Sprague - NFκB-mediated barrier protection and fungal zinc acquisition during intestinal translocation by Candida albicans

Dennis de Bakker - Microbiota transplantation can mitigate age-related brain inflammation and functional decline in a model of spontaneous Alzheimer’s-like pathology
Lukas Zehner - Regulation of the azalomycin F cluster in S. iranensis

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