End-of-year event 2022 for PhDs and Postdocs

Lecture hall Koch + Pasteur at HKI (Beutenberg Campus)

All JSMC fellows are warmly invited to join our end-of-year celebration which will take place on Monday, December 12th, from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. at the Koch/Pasteur lecture hall, building A8 at HKI (Beutenberg Campus).

We want to get together to wrap up this year - and how could we do this better than to share food and conversations?

To get ourselves into a festive mood, the idea is that people can bring a special dish that reminds them of a festive occasion and add a card with a short explanation/the story to the dish. The dish can be anything that you can think of from a classic holiday treat from your
country/region/... to a traditional dish that is served in your family for festivities or something that is special to you. It does not need to
be related to Christmas or any other specific holiday, everyone is welcome to bring whatever they like the most! We are equally excited to explore a wide variety of Plätzchen and Stollen from different parts of Germany as well as all sorts of international holiday treats! Just keep in mind that small appetizers/portions which are easy to carry and eat would be best, since we will have an interactive event in a lecture hall.

Of course you are also most welcome to join the event without bringing any food, there will be light catering available anyways. We just would be delighted to try out many different dishes and hear about the stories connected to them :)

If you want to celebrate with us, please register by Nov, 28th via this link: https://cloud.uni-jena.de/apps/forms/ss6abKriNcMYyHLc

We hope to see many of you and hear many interesting stories about your favorite dishes! :)

The Doctoral and Postdoctoral Speakers Team

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