Jena Alliance course: Don't Let It Drive You Nuts! Resilience and Mental Health for Early-Career Researchers

Dr Maik Goth

Seminar room 101 in the Neugasse 23 (JSMC building)

As early-career researchers you enter into a time of great change. You have to meet new professional demands (regarding your field, career, future concerns); play numerous roles (research assistant, budding researcher); and know your personal qualities (disposition, work speed, goals). Oh, wait, there’s also a PhD thesis to write and a private life to take care of!

Don’t let this drive you nuts! There is a tool for self-management that allows you to master your life inside and outside the academy, and makes you bounce back when there are setbacks and crises: resilience (from Latin resilire, 'to bounce back'). This workshop activates and develops your resilience skills in interactive units of analysis, self-reflection, communication and pragmatic counsel. My goal is to familiarise you with ready-to-use methods which strengthen your long-term productivity and your mental health, which encourage you to adapt to difficult situations, and which help you maintain a balance between work and life.

At the end of the workshop, you will know how to develop 'academic resilience' on the basis of your own professional profile and personality, your social groups and relations; you will start assessing problems in and out of academia with confidence, responsibility and clarity, and use pragmatic strategies to solve them.

About the trainer: Dr Maik Goth teaches workshops on academic English, research management and communication skills. His seminars are based on his extensive experience as international scholar, academic author, editor, peer-reviewer and university lecturer, and are tailored to the personal needs and professional demands of young researchers.

This event is open to all Jena Alliance doctoral researchers.

Please register by 14.10.22 by filling out the registration form.

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