Jena Alliance course: Interdisciplinary Communication & Collaboration

Dr. Matthias Zach


An intellectual environment like the Jena Alliance Life in Focus offers many opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation. In this workshop, we will address the different ways in which interdisciplinary cooperation both creates new ideas and perspectives and sharpens your sense for your own discipline and research. In particular, we will discuss, and practice, effective communication in interdisciplinary contexts, and we will become more familiar with different disciplinary cultures as well as different kinds of research questions and methodologies.

At the same time, we will also highlight the practical challenges which typically arise when researchers and scientists collaborate across disciplinary boundaries – in terms of communication but also in terms of project management and career development.

Finally, the workshop will of course be an opportunity to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in the context of the Jena Alliance itself.

Make sure to register here by October 10, 2021. You will receive a confirmation whether you will be able to participate in this workshop as well as the access information to the Zoom meeting room.

Note: This workshop is being offered twice. Please register for only one event.

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