Jena Alliance course: Networking Workshop - SKILLS TO SUCCEED

Dr. Rosmarie Katrin Neumann


Networking – Is it more than a buzzword?

How can we form professional relationships? And what roles do communication and listening play into these inter- and multidisciplinary relationships? Do you want to know why we network in the first place and how we can get the most out of our connections?

Workshop content

  • Identifying your Networking Goals
    We look into the questions: What are your networking goals? What is the message each of you wants to get across? How can you do this successfully?
  • Networking Analysis
    We use social network analysis tools to identify your existing and potential networks, so you know who your target groups are and who to engage.
  • Self-marketing Tools and Social Media
    In order to market yourself and create a personal brand, we will address offline and online tools. We will evaluate stories of success and failure and discuss potential risks, so you are equipped to build your personal impact strategy for success.
  • What empowers impactful communication?
    As a trained mediator I will take you on a journey to change perspective and the power of active listening, enabling you to create win-win outcomes with your network partners. This includes the identification of potential conflicting interests and empowers you to build trust and credibility.

This event is open to all Jena Alliance - Life in Focus doctoral researchers.
Please register by June 20, 2021.

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