Jena Alliance course: Scientists on Stage: Communicating your Research in a Science Slam

Dr. Marina Pekmezovic

Online or at Neugasse 23

Theme of the workshop:

Being a scientist does not only refer to extensive laboratory work, analyzing complex data or reading thousands of pages of literature. Our science can impact the society only if we share it with the general public as well. And this can be fun, too!

Science slams are becoming a more and more popular format for science communication and outreach. In only 3–10 minutes, scientists have to explain their research to the general audience using understandable, entertaining, and concise language. Bringing your science closer to the non-scientific public increases the impact and visibility of your research. This interactive workshop will boost your motivation, help you overcome the stage fear and provide instructions and tips how to prepare a science slam talk.


The workshop will cover the following aspects in theory and practice:

  • Science slam concept – what, where and why?
  • Skill set needed for the stage
  • Defining the key message
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Content – Clarity – Charisma
  • Tips for a successful pitch
  • Personalized feedback

Location: if in presence seminar room 101 at Neugasse 23

The number of participants will be limited to 10.
To register please send an email to

First come, first served!

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