Jena Alliance course: Whole-transcriptome high-throughput sequencing and data analysis

Kai Papenfort, Malte Siemers, Katrin Fröhlich, Eric Ruhland und Manuel Velasco-Gomariz, General Microbiology, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Bioinstrumentezentrum (BIZ), M1-E3, Winzerlaer Staße 2

Theme of the workshop:

We offer a course to get into contact with high throughput sequencing on an Illumina platform. The course will be split into a wet lab part and a computational analysis part. We want to offer the possibility to extract RNA from a gram-negative bacterium and generate a sequencing library from that. You can also bring your own RNA and use it for the library preparation. We then sequence the libraries on our NextSeq 1000. Finally, we want to introduce the attendants to common methods used in short read data analysis.

If participants want to bring their own RNA: experiments, that can be analyzed here during the data analysis part of the course, are:

  • complete transcriptome
  • differential gene expression
  • transcriptional start sites (dRNA-seq)
  • chimeric fragments (RNA from RIL-seq, LIGR-seq or similar)

The analysis part would be conditioned on the IT knowledge of the participants. Please let us know if you have already analyzed RNA-Seq data and if you have a basic understanding of programming languages or not.

Dates and times:

29.7.  RNA extraction
1.8. library preparation
2.8. optional, library loading
5.8. data analysis

Location: Bioinstrumentezentrum (BIZ), M1-E3, Winzerlaer Staße 2

The number of participants will be limited to 5 in order to assure a workshop environment conducive to “hand to hand” exercises.

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