Jena Alliance Life in Focus course: Career Planning for Doctoral Reserachers

Dr. Iris Köhler


The majority of PhD holders does not stay in academia, but pursues careers in a variety of fields. Still, many young scientist struggle with finding out which career path they would like to pursue. They often do not know which career options exist, and even more importantly, they often have never taken the time to reflect on what kind of work they would actually like to do, and what their values, interests and goals in life are.

This compact 1-day course with individual follow-up coaching sessions is designed for young scientists, to help them identify their goals, skills, values and interests, discover potential career options in and outside academia and design a first draft of their own career development plan.

The course is supplemented by individual coaching sessions two weeks after the course. Participants can discuss their individual topics and questions with Dr. Iris Köhler during the coaching session.

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