Jena Alliance Life in Focus course: Computer modelling of metabolism

Prof. Stefan Schuster and colleagues

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2

Time: Mon, Tue and Fr 9 – 14, Wed and Thu 12-17

Theme of the workshop:
The workshop deals with mathematical modelling and computer simulation of metabolic networks. It includes both lectures and hands-on exercises on computer.


  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Balance equations
  • Network analysis (Conservation relations, elementary modes)
  • Dynamic simulation of metabolic networks
  • Metabolic Control analysis
  • Modelling of enzyme cascades
  • Numerous biochemical examples from human, plant and bacterial metabolisms for illustration

Location: Ernst-Abbe-Platz 2, 4th floor, Windows Pool 1 or 2

The number of participants will be limited to 25 in order to assure a workshop environment conducive to “hand to hand” exercises. Students only need a basic background in biochemistry and mathematics (linear algebra, matrices, differential calculus).

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