Jena Alliance workshop: Advancing Science with AI

Dr. Markus Gyger


Workshop coach: Dr. Markus Gyger

Workshop description: We’ll take a deep dive into the use of AI assistants, providing you with a fundamental understanding of how generative AI works and its limitations. You’ll gain hands-on experience in applying AI to our daily research challenges and beyond. Additionally, we’ll cover current regulations and ethical aspects to ensure compliance with good scientific practice and data protection. Our focus will be on practical exercises and developing creative approaches tailored to your specific needs.

This workshop will introduce you to the possibilities offered by AI assistants. It will enable you to:

  • Efficiently conduct literature searches, create engaging social media content, and perform data analysis.
  • Brainstorm more effectively with AI assistants and unlock their creative potential.
  • Elevate your science communication skills, your scientific writing, and your slide design to a new level.
  • Refine your prompting techniques to make AI your personal research assistant.
  • Leverage AI advantages while adhering to privacy and scientific integrity standards.

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