Microverse End of the Year Event

Kulturbahnhof Jena

The Celebration committee of the Microverse Cluster is planning an event that will spread holiday spirit and inspire party people at the same time.

This is the planned schedule:

  • Start at 4 pm with Coffee, Plätzchen & Punsch (Kids are welcome)
  • 5.30 pm: Review of the year 2023 and award ceremonies
    • Science Communication Award
    • Early Career Award
  • 6 pm: Dinner (please register)
  • 7 pm: Science Quiz and more
  • From 8 pm until midnight: Celebration (music, dancing, socialising...)

Please note: You‘re welcome to join for the whole event or just part of it. Registration is only required for the dinner but not for the other activities.

Contact the Microverse if you have any questions.

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