Science Meets Society Roundtable - Breaking Through: My Life in Science by Katalin Karikó

Leibniz-HKI Nucleus Cafe

We are happy to announce the next installment of Science Meets Society, a place to discuss topics of ethics, equity and inclusion in science, and the role that our work plays in society.

This time around, we will read the autobiography Breaking Through: My Life in Science by Katalin Karikó. Karikó is a Hungarian-American biochemist who was one of the winners of 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and whose research played a major role in the development of the Covid vaccine.

Thursday February 8th (2024!)

Leibniz-HKI Nucleus Cafe

Coffee & Cake

Discussion will be in English

Please help us plan for the catering and register here (even if you have attended a SMS event in the past):

If you are member of the Microverse Cluster, JSMC or Leibniz-HKI, you may request a copy of the book by replying to this email. We have limited books so please only request if you intend to attend on February 8th. Deadline for requests is Thursday Nov 30th, as we will try to get the books ordered and distributed before the Christmas holidays.

Everyone, regardless of institutional affiliation or lack thereof, is welcome to join us!

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