Science Meets Society Roundtable - Invisible Women

Nucleus Cafeteria, Leibniz-HKI Campus, Hermann-Löns-Straße 70, 07745 Jena

We would like to invite you to our next installment of the Science Meets Society Roundtable, a place to discuss topics of ethics, equity and inclusion in science, and the role that our work plays in society.

After a wide ranging discussion at the last event that included topics of data ownership, we have decided to have a look at the role big data and biases in data collection play in our lives. We will read Invisible Women by Caroline Criado-Perez (, which explores the "gender data gap" that produces technologies and medical therapies that favor men. Come discuss with us how we as scientisits can play a role in closing this gender data gap.

The discussion will take place on:
Thursday February 16th
starting at 15:00
Nucleus Cafeteria, Leibniz-HKI Campus, Hermann-Löns-Straße 70, 07745 Jena
Cake provided, drinks available for purchase

If you would like to join, please register here:

Even if you haven't completely read the book, you are welcome to join the discussion. Members of JSMC or the Microverse who plan to attend the event may request a book by emailing Anna Komor directly. Book requests must be made by Dec 14th, so that we can (hopefully) get the books out to you before the Christmas holiday.

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