Social Event: Hunt for Easter Eggs

Green area at Eichplatz

The weather is getting warmer and Easter is just around the corner!
Did you know that it is a German tradition to hide eggs and sweets (and nowadays all kinds of things) at Easter for children? It's a lot of fun for kids to search for their Easter Eggs and surprises in the backyard or an appartment and a great occasion for families to spend some time together.

It's been a while now that we've met as JSMC community and we want to take the chance now to meet with you in person and to finally get to know each other after a long, long time! We will adapt the German Easter tradition and would love to celebrate Easter with you :D

We cordially invite everyone to join our JSMC Easter event: A hunt for Easter Eggs

When: Thursday, 21st of April, at 4.30 pm
Where: Green area at Eichplatz (next to the tower)

Please send us an email to if you want to participate (so that we can hide enough eggs for everyone ;p)

We are looking forward to seeing many of you :)

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