Spring Hike

From Leutra to Göschwitz

Route: From Leutra to Göschwitz (approx. 11 km)

Meeting point & time: Bus stop "Göschwitz Bahnhof" at 11:30 am OR bus stop "Leutra Wendeschleife" at 11:50 am. You can join the group either in Göschwitz or in Leutra: We will take bus 18 (schedule attached) which leaves at 11:35 am from Göschwitz Bahnhof, so be on time - we cannot wait for you!

(Please note that bus 18 doesn't stop in Winzerla on Saturday!)

This bus only operates as "Anruf-Sammel-Taxi" (call and collect taxi service) on week-ends.

Therefore, we want to ask you to register with us if you want to join the spring hike and take bus 18 together with us from Göschwitz to Leutra so that we can order a bus that is big enough for everyone.

So, if you want to join the bus ride, please send us an email (speakers@jsmc.info) until Thursday, 20th of April, and mention how many people will accompany you.

If we are lucky, we will see first orchids blooming throughout our hike at the end of April.

We will start at the bus stop in Leutra, follow a path through the Leutratal, and finish at Göschwitz Bahnhof in Jena. The hike will be moderate with about 11 km and cover approx. 200 m of altitude difference with only one short steep section.

Pack your lunch, a water bottle, some snacks, and maybe some small games for our lunch break. Wear appropriate cloths and hiking boots (check the weather forecast) - and join us for the spring hike!

P.S. You can invite friends and family to our hike - the more the merrier! :D
P.P.S. We will also hike when it's raining (there is no bad weather, just inapproriate cloths).

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