WKJ workshop: Career Options Outside Academia: How to Find Suitable Jobs in Germany

Dr. Matthias Zach

online via zoom

This workshop is organised by the Verbund WKJ „Wissenschaftler:innen und Karriere Jena“, of which the Jena School for Microbial Communication is a member.

Date: Tuesday, October 22

Target group: female scientists and scientists with care responsibilities


  • Clarification of professional and personal skills as a starting point for differentiated search strategies: The participants get to know different methods of competence analysis.
  • What opportunities does the non-academic job market offer for doctoral candidates and postdocs? What are typical and what are rather atypical positions? How are access and Opportunities for advancement (with regard to gender and other aspects)? What is the relationship between work and private life?
  • Job search: What options are there, advertised positions in the private sector, in the Public service (administration, science management, etc.) and NGOs?
  • What special opportunities and challenges are there for female applicants?
  • Time planning and goals: Reflection on professional goals, also in relation to other goals in life; Planning the next steps

Workshop leader: Dr. Matthias Zach, https://www.kabeak.de   

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