Industry Partners

New strategies based on knowledge gained of microbial communication will be useful, for example, for identification and production of pharmacologically active substances. Applications of this knowledge allow for cooperation with industry partners. Such applications can be observed in nature conservancy where the elimination of contaminants is the result of microbe-environment interactions, in agriculture where plant growth promotion and increased plant stress tolerance is mediated through root symbiotic interactions or in medicine by defending against pathogenic microorganisms. Within the JSMC network, local companies ensure a rapid biotechnological implementation of the results and insights gained.

Examples of products that have come out of such collaborations are:

  • A better understanding of the global element cycles by understanding the underlying microbial processes
  • Targeted utilization of the extraordinary capacities of the microbial metabolism such as microbiological bioremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals or halogenated carbon compounds
  • Predicting the effects of human impacts on natural systems
  • Knowledge of interactions between microorganisms and higher organisms with agricultural relevance
  • New drugs to fight infectious diseases
  • Insights into the processes involved in microbial infections
  • Innovative diagnostic tools
  • New technology to identify microbial signals

Our Industry Partners