Mentoring Program

Each PhD thesis is supervised by two faculty members. The mentors cover different research areas to promote the inter-facultative education of the doctoral researchers. Regular consultations with the two supervisors allow both the mentors and the PhDs to continuously monitor success with reference to a formal supervisory agreement, which includes career development planning.  Once a year, the Thesis Committee Meeting must take place. The three and a half years of working towards a PhD are tightly structured with interdisciplinary education and the possibility of a cumulative PhD thesis, which foster an early sense of responsibility for the publication of data.

Central elements of the mentoring program are:

  • Annual thesis committee meetings to ensure that the career development plan of each individual doctoral researcher is carried out.
  • Weekly seminars with regular scientific progress reports and literature reports.
  • Symposia and Early Career Research Exchange with work progress reports of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to promote exchange

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