What is the JSMC doctoral program?

The JSMC offers a PhD program for highly motivated doctoral researchers with M.Sc. degrees from various disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, medical sciences, earth sciences, and bioinformatics. Our structured, interdisciplinary, research-oriented PhD program is based on existing collaborative research, involves non-university research institutions and may include the involvement of industry partners.

The training of JSMC doctoral researchers consists of three categories: a scientific program, a mentoring program, and a soft skill training program. The JSMC credit point system serves as a guideline for quality PhD training and the credit point batch card helps to keep track of the completed training elements. Throughout the PhD, a total of 30 credit points have to be collected.

Central elements are:

  • Cross-disciplinary PhD projects from basic research to applied science
  • Encouragement of research visits abroad, participation in international conferences and in collaborative projects to give PhD students early international experience and help them network internationally
  • Comprehensive training in transferable skills such as scientific publication, presentation, acquiring research funds and project management
  • Close supervision by a team of mentors to ensure that the doctoral researchers achieve the goals of their PhD projects and their developmental goals efficiently

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If you want to become a JSMC doctoral researcher, please visit our admission pages.