Projects offered within the Recruitment Call 2020/03

We are curently offering postdoctoral and doctoral researcher positions. We are seeking motivated and engaging candidates who strive to collaborate widely and look beyond traditional disciplines to further our mission.

Application deadline: 31th August 2020

Applications for these positions are accepted via the JSMC Online Application Portal:

Adaptation of the major human pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae
to multispecies environments

Microverse Doctoral Researcher Project No: 04/2020

We are looking for a doctoral researcher to analyse the transcriptomes of different, clinically relevant strains of K. pneumoniae both when grown under standard conditions, as well as when in contact with host cells and within defined microbial communities.

PhD Supervisor: Dr. Kathrin Fröhlich

Targeted “fishing” for microbial interaction partners

Microverse Doctoral Researcher Project No: 09/2020

We are looking for a doctoral researcher to establish stable co-cultures of CPR organisms and their hosts to investigate the mechanisms and consequences of interactions driving microbial activity.

PhD Supervisor: Dr. Martin Taubert

Modelling and computer simulation of multipartite lung microbiome systems

Microverse Postdoctoral Researcher Project No: 06/2020

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to elucidate the systems behavior of concrete multipartite systems of microorganisms in the human lung, by using methods of theoretical Systems Biology.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Schuster