Projects offered within the Recruitment Call 2020/04

We are curently offering doctoral researcher positions. We are seeking motivated and engaging candidates who strive to collaborate widely and look beyond traditional disciplines to further our mission.

Application deadline extended: 3rd December 2020

Applications for these positions are accepted via the JSMC Online Application Portal:

Modelling and computer simulation of multipartite lung microbiome systems

Microverse Doctoral or Postdoctoral Researcher Project No: 06/2020

We are looking for a doctoral or a postdoctoral researcher to elucidate the systems behavior of concrete multipartite systems of microorganisms in the human lung, by using methods of theoretical Systems Biology.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Schuster

Fungal Informatics

Microverse Doctoral Researcher Project No: 08/2020

We are looking for a doctoral researcher to investigate how ecological interactions shape human pathogenicity in fungi using computational and experimental approaches.

PhD Supervisor: Dr. Amelia Barber

Targeted “fishing” for microbial interaction partners

Microverse Doctoral Researcher Project No: 09/2020

We are looking for a doctoral researcher to establish stable co-cultures of CPR organisms and their hosts to investigate the mechanisms and consequences of interactions driving microbial activity.

PhD Supervisor: Dr. Martin Taubert