Projects offered within the Recruitment Call 2023/03

We are curently offering a postdoctoral researcher position. We are seeking motivated and engaging candidates who strive to collaborate widely and look beyond traditional disciplines to further our mission.

Application deadline: 6 June 2023

Applications for these positions are accepted via the JSMC Online Application Portal:

Automated Bioimage Analysis

Microverse Postdoctoral Researcher Project No: 08/2023

As a new member of the Applied Systems Biology theoretical research group, you will play a central role in developing workflows for quantitative analysis of organ-on-chip models based on microscopic images acquired by our experimental collaborators in the Cluster of Excellence. The main goal of this project is to develop image analysis workflows that incorporate both classical and deep learning-based analyses to quantify correlations between gut dysbiosis and respiratory viral infections in the gut-lung axis.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thilo Figge

Integrative Research Data Management

Microverse Postdoctoral Researcher Project No: 131/2023

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate for the research data management (RDM) team in our interdisciplinary Cluster of Excellence. Your tasks include the realisation of the RDM infrastructure, communication with experimental and computational scientists regarding all issues related to RDM, as well as strengthening the links to other consortia. The position will be jointly supervised by Prof. Dr. Birgitta König-Ries ( and Prof. Dr. Christoph Steinbeck ( and will be associated with the Michael-Stifel-Center Jena for data-driven and simulation science (

Supervisors: Prof. Birgitta König-Riess and Prof. Dr. Christoph Steinbeck