April, 2022


Image Analysis

Dr. Zoltan Cseresnyes, Ruman Gerst; Prof. Dr. Marc Thilo Figge (course master)

Time: 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00 Details: What you will need: access to PC with Windows 8/10/11, Linux, or MacOS1 What will be covered: introduction to optics, basic and advanced microscopy techniques; introduction to image analysis, basic and advanced image processing with ImageJ2 and JIPipe3 The …

Online or at Neugasse 23

Jena Alliance course: Scientists on Stage: Communicating your Research in a Science Slam

Dr. Marina Pekmezovic

Theme of the workshop: Being a scientist does not only refer to extensive laboratory work, analyzing complex data or reading thousands of pages of literature. Our science can impact the society only if we share it with the general public as well. And this can be fun, too! Science slams are becoming …

Online Colloquium

Microbial Communication Colloquium: Microbial Interactions in the Skin Microbiome

Asst. Prof. Dr. Lindsay Kalan

The “Microbial Communication Colloquium” is organized by the JSMC Doctoral Researchers together with the members of the JSMC Faculty. The aim of this colloquium series is to present state-of-the-art research on “Microbial Communication” in all its multi-disciplinary facets. Asst. Prof. Dr. L…

Green area at Eichplatz

Social Event: Hunt for Easter Eggs

The weather is getting warmer and Easter is just around the corner! Did you know that it is a German tradition to hide eggs and sweets (and nowadays all kinds of things) at Easter for children? It's a lot of fun for kids to search for their Easter Eggs and surprises in the backyard or an appart…


IMPRS course: Introduction to statistics and R

Dr. Grit Kunert, MPI-CE

JSMC members will have the opportunity to particiapte in the IMPRS statics and R-course again. From 25. - 29.4. Dr. Grit Kunert will give a 5-half-day beginners course in basic statistics with an introduction into R either in person at the institute or via Zoom depending on the situation. The cou…

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